The Lade Inn,
Kilmahog, Callander.
Contact us on
01877 330152

Live Music at The Lade Inn

During Winter months please call an hour or so before the band starts to check that the music will be going ahead.  Low numbers of Customers means it would be unfair to have the band travel to play to a small number of people.  We thank you for your understanding. 

Band Diary 2016
Month Date Band Special Event Month Date Band Special Event
Jan       Jul      
S 2 Pure Malt   F 1 Pure Malt  
S 9 Baran   S 2 Baran  
S 16 Pure Malt   F 8 Sannock  
S 23 Haggerdash   S 9 Pure Malt  
S 30 Pure Malt   F 15 Mak-a-Din  
Feb       S 16 Tarneybackle Duo  
S 6 Tarneybackle Duo   F 22 Haggerdash  
S 13 Pure Malt   S 23 Pure Malt  
S 20 Pure Malt   F 29 Sannock  
S 27 Baran   S 30 Pure Malt  
Mar       Aug      
S 5 Pure Malt   F 5 John Davidson  
S 12 Baran   S 6 Pure Malt  
S 19 Haggerdash   F 12 Baran  
S 26 Pure Malt   S 13 Pure Malt  
Apr       F 19 Baran  
S 2 Mak-A-Din   S 20 Mak-a-Din  
S 9 Haggerdash   F 26 Sannock  Beer Festival
S 16 Pure Malt   S 27 Pure Malt  Beer Festival
S 23 Baran   Sept      
S 30 Pure Malt   F 2 Pure Malt  Beer Festival
May       S 3 Tarneybackle Duo  Beer Festival
F 6 Pure Malt   F 9 John Davidson  Beer Festival
S 7 Baran   S 10 Baran  Beer Festival
F 13 Sannock   F 16 Baran  
S 14 Pure Malt   S 17 Pure Malt  
F 20 Tarneybackle Duo   F 23 Sannock  
S 21 Haggerdash   S 24 Mak-a-Din  
F 27 John Davidson   F 30 Haggerdash  
S 28 Pure Malt   Oct      
Jun       S 1 Pure Malt  
F 3 Pure Malt   S 8 Tarneybackle Duo  
S 4 Baran   S 15 Pure Malt  
F 10 Mak-A-Din   S 22 Baran  
S 11 Pure Malt   S 29 Mak-a-Din  
F 17 Baran   Nov      
S 18 Haggerdash   S 5 Baran  
F 24 Sannock   S 12 Pure Malt  
S 25 Pure Malt   S 19 Pure Malt  
S 26 Haggerdash  
S 3 Baran  
S 10 Pure Malt  
S 17 Haggerdash  
S 24 Pure Malt  
M 26 Baran (2 to 5)  Boxing Day
S 31 Pure Malt Hogmanay

Visit Scotland Best Bars Award
The Lade Inn one of VisitScotlands first ever acredited Best Bars in Scotland

Forth Valley good food award winner
Forth Valley Good Food for All Awards
Winner - Best Informal Eating Place

best local eating award
CAMRA have awarded the Lade Inn the first LocAle Accreditation in the Forth Valley, indeed this is probably the first award in Scotland. Click here to read more.

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