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The Team


Frank Park - Dad;  The Boss, Chief Barman and Bookeeper
Taking on The Lade back in 2005 it was a change for Frank having spent his life working in computers.  Although most of his time is spent doing paperwork for the day to day running of the pub he still manages to come down and work in the  bar on a Friday and Saturday night so he can enjoy the live Scottish music.  Having an interest in Ales and Wines helps Frank to keep our bar well stocked from Whisky to Fine Wines and not forgetting our own Real Ales and Guest Ales which feature during our annual Beer Festival.
In his spare time Frank likes to play Golf at the local Golf course and watch his beloved Chelsea on the telly as well as being part of many local Community groups including the Hydro Project.  

Rita Park - Mum; Sales Manager for Real ale shop.
Rita has had years of experience in customer service from working in many retail, catering and food shops throughout her life.  Starting off in the restaurant waitressing, doing bar work and helping in the kitchen where needed, Rita is now in charge of running our Real ale shop next door.  Being a T-total doesn’t seem to stop Rita from being a great saleswomen and being a dab hand at beer selling.
In her spare time she loves to be pampered by having a nice massage or going to the theatre.  Rita is a very keen gardener and not just buying and planting them but actually cultivating plants that came from family many years ago.  She also dotes on her 4 Grandchildren.      

Stephen Park - Son; Head Chef
Starting life as a college graduate he gained his chef training at Turnberry Hotel, where he worked for 4 years under Stuart Cameron.  He then moved back down south for the next 6 years to work at the Ritz London and then the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.  Missing the cold winds, snow and Northern lights of old Aberdeen, he moved back up north in 2003 to work at the Square Restaurant, which has achieved an excellent reputation for its food.  He met his wife Laura while working at The Lade and they married in 2009.  He loves spending time with his family and enjoys taking Chloe swimming and running around with 2 year old Oliver.  He is an avid Chelsea fan and enjoys a round of golf.  
Laura Park – Daughter in law; Restaurant Manager and Cleaner 
Laura joined us when we first took over The Lade starting off working part time then moving to Supervisor and finally becoming Manager.  She has spent many years waitressing and has a passion for customer service.  Photography is her other passion and you can find some of her work for sale in our restaurant.  Becoming a Mummy in 2011 Laura has taken a more behind the scenes roll she is the one in charge of the website and social media sites as well as being the one who does the special event planning.  She spends most of her time bringing up Chloe and Oliver and training them at The Lade Inn. Her hobbies include Photography and Travel.
Chloe and Oliver Park - 6 year old and 2 year old brother 
Chloe is the daughter of Stephen and Laura Park born in August 2011.  She loves coming to the pub and meeting new people and being spoiled by the staff.  Our Waitress in training you will probably see her helping out around the place and playing with the toys as well as making sure that any Customer's dogs are well fed with dog biscuits.  She also loves to help Grandma out in the shop.  Oliver was born in December 2015 and has began his training.  

Alison, Fred, Daisy and Honeyrose Wilde
When the business was first set up there were two other family members involved.  Alison (then Park) and her Husband Fred.  They both put a lot of their own personality into the business with Fred’s artwork being displayed in our restaurant,  and  both having a background knowledge in wine and marketing to name but a few.  After having their first Daughter Daisy and being married by our Inglenook fireplace, Fred and Alison decided it was time for a change.  They are now very much settled in Somerset and have another beautiful daughter called Honeyrose.  And not to forget Coco the Spaniel.  

Robert – Restaurant Supervisor and Shop assistant
Robert came to work for us in 2011 and we are very happy he did.  A great worker and very fast talker it can sometimes be hard to keep up with his fast pace around the restaurant.  A chirpy chap Robert has a very friendly and helpful attitude about him which makes him great for working at The Lade.  He is a very social type and likes meeting with friends for a quiet drink and chat which he is very good at but talks so fast that sometimes it is quite hard to understand what he is saying.  
Carlos - Kitchen Porter 
Our quietest member of staff although we are getting him out of his shell a bit.  Carlos has been working for us in the kitchen for a while now and he is very hard working.   He is a very polite young lad and has recently finished High school in Callander.
Ceiran - Kitchen Porter
Carlos's brother has been working with us for a year now and has worked both in the restaurant and the kitchen.  He much prefers the kitchen environment though and like his brother is a reliable, hard working individual.  He enjoys working on cars in his spare time.  
Aileen - Waitress 
Joining us recently Aileen has been a great asset to our team.  She is very hardworking and has a wonderful friendly personality so she is great with the customers and treats them all like her friends.  The thing she loves about working for us is the lovely friendly, family atmosphere that we have.  
Emily - Waitress
Emily has recently left school having done especially well in Music where she has a strong interest.  A lovely young lady.  
Kevin - Chef 
Kevin used to work in our kitchen as a kitchen porter and has come back to work for us now in 2017 in a Chef role.  He has been away from us for 3 years gaining experience and at college and has now joined us to help Stephen in a cooking capacity.  
Jane - Cleaner 
Jane began cleaning for us in 2016 sharing the days with Laura. 

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